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We offer both one-on-one, and small-sized classes to ensure individual attention is provided. Students will be taught by BC certified teachers who will motivate, encourage, and guide them in their specific academic subject. Each teacher focuses on their specialization and is experienced in teaching students using the BC Curriculum.


This course is designed for advanced level students who are preparing for an official IELTS test. Students can expect to receive individual attention and personalized study advice from the instructor to focus on the areas for improvement. The IELTS test preparation course gives students all the tools necessary to succeed on the exam.

The course contains two components: ​ Reading & Writing: The focus is on vocabulary building, spelling skills, skimming and scanning drills, summarizing and reporting (Task 1) as well as essay writing (Task 2). Listening & Speaking: The focus is on listening comprehension for diagram labeling, form, summary and sentence completion as well as short-answer questions. Free IELTS Practice Test is offered at World Vision Academy.


Our basic curriculum prepares students for the SAT Reasoning Test, with additional workshops that let students tailor our classes to their schedules and goals. Most secondary school students who enroll at World Vision Academy sign up for our basic set of three classes: critical reading, writing, and mathematics, and the practice test. Building key skills and effective strategies to crack the SAT's with top instructors, small classes, and better analytics that suit students’ individual needs.

  • The regular program gives students a solid preparation for the SAT, but if you are ambitious and want to see dramatic improvements in your scores, and are willing to put in the extra effort, we offer several intensive programs with more class time and homework. Intensive classes run during academic holidays, especially during the summer.

  • Our summer version of the regular program is an eight-week course beginning in early July. Classes meet three days a week, three hours a day, and have more in-class instruction than any of our other programs. World Vision Academy’s SAT Boot Camp has a well-deserved reputation for producing significant score increases for students of all ability levels.


Measure your knowledge and skills in particular subject areas, such as English, history, mathematics, science, and various foreign languages. It gives you the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of content in specific subjects and your ability to apply that knowledge. Many colleges use the Subject Tests for admission, and some colleges specify the Subject Tests is required for admission. If you are studying for one or more SAT Subject Tests, World Vision Academy is the best choice.

Courses Offered at World Vision Academy 

  • Mathematics

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

  • Literature

  • History


The iBT TOEFL course targets all language skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing. The iBT TOEFL: Reading / Listening component focuses on comprehension, while the iBT TOEFL: Speaking / Writing component focuses on composition. TOEFL curriculum aims to increase students' proficiency in academic English rather than concentrate solely on test-taking strategies. Each four-week course consists of sixteen hours of instruction and two practice tests.​


Why take AP courses? By taking Advanced Placement courses you can earn college credits while still in high school, giving you an early start on your degree. Having AP courses on your resume shows college admissions boards you are serious about advancing your education.
Our expert instructors provide in-depth preparation to help you earn your top score on exam day.

Courses Offered at World Vision Academy:

  • AP Biology

  • AP Calculus (AB/ BC)

  • AP Chemistry

  • AP Computer Science

  • AP Physics (I﹠II)

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