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Our unique full-service support model provides students the opportunity to receive assistance with the following areas:

  • Post-secondary admissions

  • Application assistance – CANADA, US

  • Interest assessment & career guidance

  • AP/SAT/IELTS prep

Scholarship and Bursary Applications

  • Assist student with scholarship and bursary applications

  • Assist student with student loans applications

  • Residence and university housing application

  • Assist student with Registering and Applying for Residence on University Campus


University Applications

  • Cover letter assistance

  • Course selection assistance

  • Academic profile creation

  • Eligibility center navigation

  • SAT or ACT preparation

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Canada and USA Admissions & Applications

We created and pioneered this personalized service and its support programs in Canada, and we are proud to be the industry standard. We can assist with US and Canadian admissions & applications.


University Application Services | Career Planning


Schools for Your Career

From the list of colleges, you can choose a school to get more details:

  • Find out if you are on track to meet the program requirements

  • See where you stack up with the current freshman class

  • Assess the college costs and financial aid opportunities

Take the time to figure out if the school is a good fit for you.

Interview Prep Services


  • University interview prep

  • University application video interview prep

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