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Celebrating the Launch of
World Vision Academy Ecowaves Volunteer Club

We are officially launching our EcoWaves Volunteer Team. We have recruited many enthusiastic volunteers who are interested in giving back to the community through meaningful activities such as neighbourhood cleanup, visiting senior homes, and many more. We hope to educate our volunteers on the values of community involvement and personal growth.

Volunteer Club

We are seeking responsible, enthusiastic students who want to get involved in the community to join our volunteer club. We help students to connect with safe, interesting and meaningful volunteer opportunities in the community to facilitate the best possible volunteer experience. We understand that it is especially difficult to find volunteer opportunities during this difficult time. Thus, we have created a supportive environment for students to obtain volunteer hours to graduate, express their talents and skills and engage in meaningful activities. We are seeking diligent, hardworking, and punctual students to join our volunteer team. We are establishing a team in each of the four cities: Langley, Surrey, North Vancouver and Burnaby, with plans to expand to more cities. If you think you are a good fit please fill out an application form and email us your letter of intent.

What we do
  • Seek resources and volunteer opportunities for our students to engage with organizations that match their interests.

  • Ensure the volunteer opportunities are safe for students to participate in

  • Present meaningful activities for students to express their skills and talents.

What we look for
  • Students who respect their community and who can act responsibly. This includes letting the school know in time if you cannot fulfill a commitment and attending required training sessions.

  • Students with good time-management skills, who can both take leadership and work in a team

  • Parents from each volunteer group to be responsible for pick-up, drop-off and patrol.


Interested students are encouraged to fill out the application form below and contact World Vision Academy. Students who wish to resign from their current positions should also provide the school with a written notice. For inquiries please contact World Vision Academy.

Please click on the link, complete and submit the application form at the bottom of the page.

*Please email a letter of intent to to introduce yourself, your motivation to volunteer and if you have volunteered in the past, word limit 250-300 words.

 We welcome interested applicants to apply, and selected applicants will be contacted for interview. 

The process of the application goes as follow.

  1. Fill and submit the application form

  2. Submit Resume and Letter of Intent

  3. Interview at World Vision Academy

Selected applicants will be contacted and start volunteering

Submit your application by clicking here.

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